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About Me

"We're all just walking each other home."  -- Ram Dass

For more than a decade I've practiced mindfulness meditation and experiential healing to support my own journey.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, with a Bachelors of Science in Biology & Psychology and a Masters in Couples & Family Counseling. My professional background helps me to support clients from an integrative & systemic perspective, applying the healing practices of mindfulness, and body-based experiential therapy. I currently see individuals, couples, and families for therapy, while also teaching meditation classes and workshops on mindfulness, stress management, and spirituality. 

My favorite clients to work with are those who want to explore the deeper emotions and past experiences that may still be showing up in unhelpful ways in the present. Clients guide their sessions while I offer perspective, insights, and tools like mindfulness, Family Constellations, and practical self-regulation skills to bring movement back into parts of the system that have felt stuck.


My foundational training was in Couples and Family Therapy which has shaped my therapeutic approach to see clients as unique individuals who are also intimately connected to a community and the greater society at large. I am also an animal lover, a nature-lover, and a professional artist with a spiritual and creative orientation to life. 


Family/Community Constellations

What to expect from these monthly group workshops with Chelsea?

Family constellations group work is a type of therapeutic process that involves exploring the dynamics and relationships within a family system. The process usually involves a group of people who come together to work on their own family issues, or personal struggles.

In a typical family constellations session, the facilitator will ask participants to provide some basic information about their family system and the specific issues they want to address. The facilitator will then guide the participants through a process of setting up a "constellation" or a representation of their family system, using objects or people to represent family members.

Once the constellation is set up, the facilitator will guide the participants through a process of exploring the dynamics and relationships within the family system. This often involves asking participants to step into the roles of different family members and to share their experiences and feelings with the group.

The group process can be very powerful, as participants often find that they are able to tap into deep emotions and insights about their family dynamics. This can be helpful for addressing a wide range of issues, including:

  1. Relationship issues: Family constellations can help participants to identify patterns in their relationships and to understand the impact that their family dynamics may be having on their current relationships.

  2. Trauma and abuse: Family constellations can help participants to explore the impact of past trauma or abuse within their family system and to find ways to heal and move forward.

  3. Emotional issues: Family constellations can help participants to identify and address deep-seated emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and anger.

  4. Career and life purpose: Family constellations can help participants to identify patterns and influences within their family system that may be affecting their career or life purpose.

Overall, family constellations group work can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. By exploring the dynamics and relationships within our family system, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world, and find ways to move forward with greater clarity, insight, and resilience.




A featured mental health expert for both national and hyper-local organizations.

See below my curriculum vitae for a more detailed list of my professional history.


Please contact me if you need a therapist’s perspective for your next article, podcast,

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"I felt more grounded and centered. She was exactly what I needed and I didn't even know

I needed it. "

- Tami, Workshop Participant

"Chelsea is a phenomenal therapist with a beautiful spirit. She has a way of helping others slow down & reconnect with their true self & others."

— Amanda, Colleague

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