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Anu Beginning Therapy

Professional Psychotherapy Services

We all go through changes and now it's our turn. 

Anu Beginning Therapy is undergoing changes to its physical location in 2024.

We'll be back to share more with you soon. 

Chelsea is not accepting new therapy clients at this time.


Depression and Anxiety


Life transitions & changes

Social skills and difficulty with peers

Parenting concerns

Substance abuse & Harm Reduction

Family systems, couples & relationship issues

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Complex Trauma

Inter-generational Trauma

Attachment Trauma

Emotion regulation & coping skills


Mindfulness Practices

Attachment-Based Therapy

Mindful Self-Compassion Practices

Family Systems Therapy

Guided Meditation

Integration of Mindy/Body/Spirit

Somatic (Body) Awareness

Non-dual Spirituality

Expressive Arts

Guided Drawing

Family Constellations


I am not currently accepting new therapy clients at this time.


I believe that an authentic, trusting relationship with clients is crucial for therapy to be effective. I value approaching our time together as my whole & human self, while inviting you to do the same.  


My therapeutic approach is eclectic & systemic, weaving together trauma-informed mindfulness practices, attachment theory, and family systems theory. I may offer clients experiential activities in addition to traditional talk therapy, such as guided meditation, family constellations, guided drawing exercises, and stress management and mindfulness techniques.


I work with clients above the age of 16, couples at all stages, families in distress, and individuals of all races, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and sexual/gender identities.


I offer family constellation group workshops, and retreats throughout the southeastern United States. Check here for upcoming events with Chelsea!

The Story of Anu

Anu was one of those soul mate dogs - whose impact in my life continues to unfold. Time continues to pass as he died suddenly from a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2017. His loving presence & stoic nature that remain alive with me today.


 It was the grace of his short life - and his sudden death - that continue to be one of my greatest life teachers and I try to honor his life through my work at Anu Beginning Therapy.

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