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Family Constellations
with Horses


"Although I was not very familiar with the family constellations approach in therapy before attending this workshop, I was completely convinced by the end that it is a powerful tool for self exploration, and for healing relationships both with others and self. Including animals and nature into this experience helped participants go deeper in a way we otherwise may not have been able to. For anyone who may be considering registering for Family Constellations with Horses but feels reluctant, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Kim and Chelsea! Both have a calming presence, beautiful energy and deep wisdom that is quickly felt in such a gorgeous farm setting."

- Heather (previous workshop participant)



This is an outdoor workshop. No previous experience with horses or family constellations is required. Additional information, including the farm address, will be sent once your registration is complete.





Unlock the Power of Your Family System

Community Constellations are group therapeutic experiences based on the theory and practice of family constellations group work. Facilitated by Chelsea Green, these workshops are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for group participants to explore their family dynamics and discover the hidden patterns that may be holding them back. Her approach is rooted in empathy, compassion, and respect for each members' unique journey. These are dynamic and interactive workshops from which you're sure to leave with a new perspective.




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