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Coaching with Chelsea

Empowering sustainable wellness.

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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching differs from therapy in a few important ways:


Personal coaching offers support for people with non-clinical levels of need. This may include relationship issues, family dynamics, communication & boundaries, goal-setting, and overall emotional wellness. 

Coaching does not include clinical diagnoses of mental health disorders and cannot be billed to insurance; additionally, coaching is not a replacement for clinical mental health therapy or any other professional or medical service. 

Chelsea combines her experience as a clinically-trained coach, meditation teacher, and professional mentor to personalize her services for each client. 

Personal Coaching Packages

Jump start your personal growth journey - because a healthier you means a stronger us.

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The Deep Dive

A one-time 90 minute 1:1 emotional wellness plunge into personal goals, relationship patterns, communication styles, intention-setting & personal goals (includes 2 weeks of follow-up email support)

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The Big Three

A package of three 60-minute brainstorm and check-in coaching sessions to help you clarify your goals, identify inner and outer roadblocks, and implement sustainable actions for positive change

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Sacred Support

A package of five 60-minute systemic coaching sessions that focus on better understanding your unique personality, belief systems, attachment style and emotional health to overcome relationship, spiritual, and emotional health challenges for the long-term

Individual coaching sessions are available upon request for $150 per 60-minute session.

Coaching Services...

can take place online, over the phone, or in-person on the farm.

Chelsea is currently located in Johnson City, TN and her office location is at the Fauna Forest Farm in Jonesborough.

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Coaching for
Conscious Couples

Coaching for conscious couples goes beyond the basics of relationship support, as Chelsea offers a skillful & personalized approach to help you and your partner thrive at every stage of your journey.

Every relationship encounters challenges along the way, but with Chelsea's coaching & guidance, obstacles can be turned into opportunities for growth. Uncover new layers of intimacy and passion as you invest time and energy into understanding each other's unique desires, deeper needs, communication & attachment styles, and more. From the excitement of new beginnings to the challenges of major life changes, Chelsea supports you in navigating transitions as a united front while ensuring that your connection continues to evolve and deepen over time.

Benefits of Coaching for Conscious Couples

Navigate Challenges Together:

Proactively investing in your relationship during challenging times ensures that you both emerge stronger and more connected. Chelsea's skillful coaching equips you with the tools to navigate conflicts gracefully, fostering a deeper understanding of each other and reinforcing your commitment.

Deepen Intimacy:

Discover the power of intentional connection. Coaching with Chelsea empowers you and your partner to fortify your foundation of trust, develop healthier communication, and collect strategies for sustaining the spark. 

Building a Conscious Future:

As conscious couples, your journey extends beyond the present moment. Coaching with Chelsea can support you in envisioning and co-creating a future that aligns with your individual and shared goals. This intentional focus fosters a sense of purpose and direction for your relationship while nourishing the soil for your shared future.

Investing in Collective Wellness: 

Your relationship doesn't exist in isolation; it's woven into the fabric of our interconnected world. By prioritizing your relationship, you contribute to the collective wellness of your community. Strong, loving partnerships create a ripple effect of positivity, influencing those around you.

Coaching for Conscious Couples requires a commitment from both parties to a minimum of three coaching sessions.
Couples sessions are $200 per 60-minute session.

for Practitioners

Elevate your impact as a coach, therapist, or healer through spiritual mentorship.

For many in the mental health and coaching field, once we complete our training and supervision requirements we are largely left alone to navigate these sometimes treacherous waters. For new practitioners, this isolation can be incredibly intimidating & lead to early onset of burnout. For more seasoned providers, the lack of inspiration can dull the spark that brought them to this powerful work in the first place. If we truly believe what we teach our clients - that we all need help sometimes - then we must also be willing to seek guidance when the path becomes unclear.


If you're looking for better alignment in your work with clients or simply to re-awaken your passion for this meaningful work, this mentorship program may be just for you. 


Unleash the full potential of your coaching, therapy, or healing practice by working one-on-one with Chelsea. By merging the wisdom of her seasoned spiritual practice and her professional experience as a licensed therapist and coach, Chelsea offers practitioners of all stages a brave and non-judgmental space for courageous conversations. Mentorship sessions with Chelsea can illuminate your path, deepen your impact, and help you continue to find profound meaning on your professional journey. 

Chelsea's mentorship work is non-denomination, expansive, & inclusive of all religious and spiritual practices. The word 'spiritual' is used in this context as a pointer to the spirit or soul which enlivens these bodies & minds.

One-on-One Mentorship Sessions 
$100 for 60 minutes 

Small Mentorship Groups
$60 per member for 90 minutes

Find out if working with Chelsea is right for you!

Thanks for reaching out!

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